A Snapshot on Safety & Crime

Tim Hammett, the Minneapolis Police Department crime prevention specialist for the Victory Neighborhood, was a featured guest at ViNA’s January community meeting. He presented crime data  specific to the neighborhood. Some notable information he relayed included:

  • There were 172 Part One crimes committed in Victory in 2017.
  • Crime in Victory was down by 9% between 2016 and 2017.
  • 14 years of crime data was presented and reflects an overall downward trend since 2008.
  • The crime rate in Victory in 2017 was lower than the crime rate in Victory in 2004.

Victory’s low crime rate can be attributed, in part, to the community engagement and inter-connectedness of residents. If you are a neighbor who is concerned about crime, we encourage you to become a block leader. Block leaders host social events, keep neighbors connected through block-specific communications, and triage between the block’s residents, ViNA and the Minneapolis Police Department. Block leaders are provided with training from ViNA and the MPD and are recognized at an annual luncheon. Follow this link for more information.

To view a 2016 v. 2017 crime comparison, follow this link.

To view annualized neighborhood crime data since 2003, follow this link.



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