Racism & Profiling in Victory

We believe that everyone in Victory should feel welcome and safe. We strive to be an organization that is inclusive and reflects the rich diversity of our community. We believe that everyone should be looked at with love and acceptance and not hate and suspicion.

On Monday night, two African American men were in Victory distributing campaign literature for a Park Board election. A resident called 911, believing the men were behaving suspiciously. Minneapolis Police officers responded with guns drawn. Fortunately, the encounter deescalated before any physical harm was caused. However, even after campaign literature was produced, the 911 caller still maintained the assertion that the canvassers were not to be believed.

The encounter on Monday evening was significant, but not singular. We know that racism, both subtle and overt, exists in our community. We are saying that and naming that and recognize that the experience of many is not shared by all. And we know that we can do better and we can be better.

The Victory Neighborhood Association is trying to come up with a way to respond to Monday night’s encounter. To be honest, we are having a hard time. We want to have a conversation about racism in our community and we are taking some time to ensure that the conversation is meaningful and inclusive. We humbly ask for your patience and we ask for your guidance. If you have suggestions on how this topic should be addressed, or if you have experiences or ideas you would like to share, please get in touch.

Most importantly, we believe that everyone in Victory should feel welcome and safe.

-The Staff & Board of Directors of the Victory Neighborhood Association


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