Dialogues on Race and Racism

All year long, the Victory Neighborhood Association is examining the role race and racism plays in our community. The organization is committed to creating an environment that is welcoming  and safe for everyone and is hosting a series of conversations to examine how these issues impact our neighbors.

The conversations began at the March neighborhood meeting where attendees shared their Autobiography on Race. Using a tool developed by the Pacific Educational Group, attendees described the ways race and racism have impacted their experiences and influenced their worldview. Meeting attendees also identified other topics they would like to explore as part of this series.

The next conversation will cover Implicit Bias. Implicit Bias is the automatic association people make between groups of people and stereotypes about those groups. Staff from the Minneapolis Police Department will help participants gain a better understanding of what Implicit Bias is and will provide attendees with tools to overcome it. The training is targeted toward block leaders, but is open to everyone. A light dinner is provided, registration is required. 

In May, ViNA will host a workshop on White Privilege. Neighbors are invited to join in the conversation and learn about how privilege impacts our community in the present. The workshop will be hosted in conjunction with the organization’s regular May community meeting.

Implicit Bias Training
Thursday, May 3, 6pm
The Goddess of Glass
4400 Osseo Road North, Minneapolis

White Privilege Workshop
Wednesday, May 23, 7pm
The Goddess of Glass
4400 Osseo Road North, Minneapolis

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