Call-to-Action! Safety at 44th & Penn

Tori 44’s most recent crash occurred at the height of brunch service. In warmer weather, their patio is filled with al fresco diners.

Tori 44 was crashed into again on Saturday, December 15. This is their fourth crash since they opened in April, and at least the ninth crash into a commercial building on 44th and Penn since the intersection was reconstructed in 2014.

44th and Penn is located at the intersection of County Roads 2 (Penn Avenue North) and 152 (Osseo Road/44th Avenue North). The Victory Neighborhood Association (ViNA) and the node’s business owners consistently express concerns about safety at the intersection to Hennepin County leadership, but at this point, we need emergency action from the county to immediately improve safety in the corridor. We have been fortunate that the accidents have not resulted in serious injuries or fatalities, but we know that time and chance are no longer on our side.

The Victory Neighborhood Association submitted a letter to Hennepin County requesting the following demands be addressed before the end of this budget year:

  • Reimburse the Tori 44 business owner and building owner for the expenses they incur because of the most recent crash.
  • Immediately install the previously discussed granite benches to serve as a barrier for the buildings on the node. At least five benches are to be installed around the Tori 44 building on the southwest corner and at least two are to be installed in front of the Parson’s Dental building on the north side of the intersection.
  • Immediately install a flashing light on Osseo Road northwest of 44th & Penn alerting drivers to the controlled intersection ahead.
  • Immediately install permanent radar signs along the corridor informing drivers of their actual speed and the posted speed limit.
  • Collaboration between the Hennepin County Sherriff’s Office and the Minneapolis Police Department to implement traffic enforcement efforts in the corridor.
  • Move up the Osseo Road reconstruction project from 2024 to 2020 and prioritize engineering enhancements that permanently calm traffic and incorporate barriers that reduce the likelihood of vehicles leaving the roadway.

We need our neighbors and visitors to 44th and Penn to contact their county commissioner and ask them to immediately move forward with emergency action that results in long-term safety at the intersection. Please email or call your county commissioner today and ask them to meet the above demands.

If you are a North Minneapolis resident, you should contact:

Commissioner Linda Higgins, District 2

We also encourage you to email incoming Commissioner Fernando and make her aware of the intersection’s issues.

For supporters living outside of District 2, please use the district locator to find contact information for your commissioner.

Thank you for your support and your action.

Follow this link to read ViNA’s official letter to Hennepin County.

2 thoughts on “Call-to-Action! Safety at 44th & Penn”

  1. The complete remodeling design of the 44th, Penn, and Osseo Road was totally idiotic for three reasons: 1) it turned safe intersections into dangerous ones, 2) it is killing every business around the intersections. 3) it isolates even more the victory neighborhood from the eastern side of 44th.

    The center island between Osseo and 44th turned creates a dangerous situation for everybody. Travelling east bound on 44th, commuters used to turn left on OSSEO or go straight on 44th. Ever since the Island was installed, people still turn left on OSSEO but jump the island. I sat once or twice at the location of the last crash. During dinner time, I witnessed five or six cars making the turn going over the island.

    With the remodeling of the intersections, parking was removed. As a result, businesses are closing one after the other one. I used to go to Emily’s Breakfast three or four times a months. I went twice last year simply because we cannot park on 44th.

    Prohibiting people travelling west bound on 44th to turn from 44th to 44th at the Osseo intersection isolates the area included between Penn, 42nd, Xerxes and 44th. …. Why should people support businesses like “North Market” when everything possible is done to render these businesses inaccessible?

    My advice, restore the intersection the way it was, remove the bike lanes nobody use anyway, and let people park freely, the city might prevent the injuries see the death of a few commuter.

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