New Board Members

Diana Guglilmetti. Homeowner and resident.

  • Why I would like to become a board member.

I would like to serve the community by making sure all voices and perspectives are heard and valued

Celissia Hanenberger. I have been a resident of this community for the past two years.

  • Why I would like to become a board member.

I have sat on several nonprofit boards and feel I would be a good representative for the neighborhood.

Diane Spector. Live here 30 plus years

  • Why I would like to a re-elected.

I have been on the Board for over 20 years and served as the Board chair for several of those years. A few years ago I stepped back to provide others the opportunity to lead the Board. I am currently the Environment Committee chair. I am proud of our accomplishments to date and how we have worked to build community. This is an important time for ViNA and other neighorhood organizations as the City changes how it works with and funds groups like ViNA. I hope my history and experience with the Board will be helpful as we transition to whatever new form this takes.

Christina Newell. Resident.

  • Why I would like to be re-elected.

I have lived in Victory for 9 years and love the community That I am a part of. I know that to keep a community alive a person must be involved and active. Being a board member is one of the ways I can contribute back to this neighborhood.

Jason Bucklin

Why I want to be elected as a board member.

I believe ViNA has the ability to help make a neighborhood where people are not just welcomed but included. As we work to address the systemic inequities that exist in our city and our neighborhood, racial equity and gender justice must be at the center of all we do. This belief shows up in my work at Minneapolis Public Schools and in my personal life. As conversations turn to reimagining public safety we cannot divest from the police without investing in community. In addition to the beliefs that guide my work, I currently sit on the board of Our Space, a local organization seeking to build an LGBTQ community center, and am a freelance photographer focused on shining a light on the members of the LGBTQ community.

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