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Board of Directors Elections -Wed, Nov 16, 2022 at 6:30pm

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The Victory Neighborhood Association Board of Directors currently has four of seven seats open and is looking for people interested in joining the board. ViNA is transitioning to a volunteer-led organization and is looking for people passionate about connecting with people in the neighborhood. In order for the organization to continue, more people need to be involved. Are you interested in planning events, organizing block ambassadors, hosting neighborhood meetings, helping with administrative functions, and setting a new path forward? If so, please join us on Nov 16 to find out how you can help. Interested parties must live, own property, or own or operate a business in the Victory neighborhood and must be 18 or older. Renters and people of color are encouraged to run for the board and people under 18 may join committees.

New board members will be elected on Wednesday, November 16, 2022 at 6:30pm via Zoom Please email if you are interested. 

Victory Resident Visioning For 44th and Penn Redevelopment

Please utilize the link to provide your input

Nourishing Community

The Victory Neighborhood Association (ViNA) is the neighborhood organization serving the Victory Neighborhood of Minneapolis. Victory is a neighborhood building community through inclusion, fairness, and wellness, achieved through communication, outreach, and engagement.

The organization was founded as part of Minneapolis’ Neighborhood Revitalization Program and works to connect neighbors to one another and to the issues that directly impact them.

Statement From Our Board

During this time, we stand with our community to demand justice for Mr. George Floyd, one of our Black brothers and sisters who continue to be profiled, harmed, and even killed as a result of systemic racism within the Minneapolis Police Department. 

Systemic racism in policing and the criminal justice system has made our city unsafe for our BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) residents and police killings have inflicted undeniable trauma upon our community. Additionally, our BIPOC residents continue to experience microagressions, profiling, and exclusion in Victory.

While it is critical that we hold the police accountable in this moment, we must also focus on the powerful role we play in combating white supremacy within our neighborhood. We invite you to participate in this work by:

  • Learning more about systemic racism by viewing articles posted on ViNA’s website under “Antiracism Initiative” 
  • Joining ViNA’s ongoing Antiracism Discussions
  • Connecting with your neighbors 
  • Speaking up, interrupting, and challenging, individually and collectively, when you witness macroaggressions, microaggressions, profiling and exclusion in the neighborhood and neighborhood spaces
  • Learning about the trial process by utilizing resources from The Legal Rights Center
  • Looking for trusted organizations that are holding processing spaces
  • Listening to and trusting Black people, Indigenous people and other Communities of Color when they share their experiences in our systems and in our communities
  • Joining a Victory Neighborhood Association Committee to discover ways contribute to your community

We support the coming together of groups of people that moves us in the direction of shared understanding, justice, and healing. Specifically- we support those who choose to assemble to use their voice to call for these values to be realized in our communities. 

Currently, we see our role as a neighborhood organization as drawing upon our strength as a community and offering resources, support, and opportunities for community healing. We hold fast to our vision of a strong and vibrant neighborhood– one that finds strength in connection and shared values. We will continue to update the “Neighborhood Preparedness and Resources” tab and the “Antiracism Initiative” tab of the ViNA websitewith more information and resources as they become available.

Statement From Our Board

The Victory Neighborhood Association is horrified and devastated by the murder of George Floyd, yet another black man, at the hands of law enforcement. The traumatic impact of this event on the black community brings to the forefront, once again, the need to end racism and profiling in all its forms. ViNA stands in solidarity with those who demand change and justice for George Floyd.

Please join us by stepping outside at 12:50pm,Thursday, June 4, 2020, prior to the start of George Floyd’s memorial service, to observe silence for 8 minutes and 49 seconds, the length of time George Floyd begged for his life as he was being murdered. 

ViNA Anti-Racism Initiative

Victory Neighborhood Association is committed to our mission of building community through inclusion, fairness, and wellness which is achieved through communication, outreach and engagement. 

With inclusion as one of our community values, ensuring that all Victory neighborhood residents feel a sense of belonging and safety in our community is important to us.  We are aware not everyone feels welcome or safe in our neighborhood and this must change. 

One of the ways we are addressing racism in our neighborhood is to begin anti-racism discussions. We are holding a 6 week discussion series beginning in August 2020 being held every other week. These are interactive discussions and ask residents to register to attend.

Tips for keeping our neighborhood safe.

Build relationships with your neighbors. The best way to keep neighborhoods safe is to build community with one another.

Put trash bins and other items in your yard or garage to help reduce opportunities for potential fires.

Check in with your neighbors.

Keep outdoor lights on all night.

If you haven’t already, connect your water hoses to your outdoor water supply.

Utilize the City of Minneapolis 311 non-emergency number to learn about services, obtain information and for non-emergency reporting.

Per Our Ward City Council Representative Due to The Civil Unrest In Our Neighborhood and City: Report suspicious vehicles without plates to the tip line. Tip line 612 692-8477 or email which has been set up by Senator Scott Dibble.

Report suspicious behaviors to the FBI at or call 1-800 CALL FBI.

Take care of yourself as self care is necessary.

Be kind to each other.

Please Note: The Annual Garage Sale and any other scheduled events have been postponed until further notice due to the COVID-19 and our commitment to helping our neighbors stay safe

ViNA Response to COVID-19

The Victory Neighborhood Association (ViNA) Board of Directors recognizes the severity of the current COVID-19 crisis and encourages our residents to follow recommendations from both the CDC and our Governor to help slow the spread and keep our community members as safe as possible. While we are aware how disruptive this epidemic has been to everyone, we are optimistic our neighborhood will come out on the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic a stronger, more connected community.  

ViNA is working to create connections and build community in the coming weeks to help those in need, especially our most vulnerable and underrepresented, but we need to hear from you.

If you need help with an essential service (grocery shopping, medication pick-ups, etc.), food or other supplies, or just need someone to check in with you click here, OR if you can help a neighbor in Victory with something listed above please click here. We look forward to connecting with you!

If you would like to donate to our COVID-19 and mutual aid efforts, please donate here.

You can also check out our COVID-19 Resources page for more information and links to services available to our residents. 



La Raza 95.7 FM – “Mi Ciudad”

 A partir del 7 de abril, el programa de radio “Mi Ciudad” de la Ciudad de Minneapolis estará al aire cada semana. Escucha “Mi Ciudad” en La Raza 95.7 FM y 1400 AM para recibir la información más reciente sobre el coronavirus, su impacto y para conocer cuáles son los recursos disponibles en nuestra ciudad.

3-4 p.m. Martes, 7, 14, 21, y 28 de abril

KALY 101.7 FM (Somali) – “Magaaladayda Minneapolis”

Waa barnaamij ka baxa raadiyaha KALY bishiiba mar oo maamulka magaaladu ugu talagalay in lagu wacyigeliyo korna loogu qaado aqoonta mowduucyada muhimadda gaarka ah u leh busha weynta Bariga Africa ee ku dhaqan Minneapolis.

2-3 p.m. Thursday, April 9, 16, 23, & 30

WIXK AM1590 (Hmong) – “Kuv Lub Nroog Minneapolis”

Kuv lub Nroog Minneapolis suab lus Hmoob xovtooj cua WIXK yog qhov chaw sibtxua lus coj lub Nroog cov kev pab txhawb nqa pejxeem tuaj pub rau tsoom Hmoob sawvdaw kom tau paub thiab muaj kev nyab xeeb. Cov qhua tshwjxeeb tuaj koom hais lus suam huabcua yog cov paubtab thiab txawjntse txog lawv cov luag haujlwm thiab kev pab pejxeem.

2-3 p.m. Thursday, April 9, 16, 23, & 30

Are you a high risk resident in need of assistance? Click here.

Would you like to help your fellow Victory residents?  Click here.

Click here for a list COVID-19 resources for our residents.

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