Home Security Rebates

Home Security Rebates

Residents of the Victory Neighborhood are encouraged to help mitigate crime in the neighborhood by making enhancements to their property that deter criminal activity. Residents can receive a 50% rebate (up to $500) for qualifying home security improvements from the Victory Neighborhood Association. To qualify, residents must first complete a home security assessment with the neighborhood’s crime prevention specialist or attend ViNA’s annual Home Security Workshop.  Once this step is complete, homeowners can move forward with the recommended security enhancements. Once the enhancements are finished, residents can submit an application to ViNA for their rebate.

Eligible Improvements

Home security improvements must meet the minimum standards recommended by Victory’s crime prevention specialist. Examples of eligible improvements may include (but are not limited to):

  • Steel exterior doors
  • Security storm doors
  • Deadbolt locks and security strike plates on exterior doors
  • Reinforcement of windows within 3.5 feet of a door lock with grillwork or polycarbonate
  • Grillwork or glass block for basement or garage windows
  • Exterior dusk-to-dawn or motion lights
  • Window pins for double hung windows and slide guards for sliding door/windows
  • Alarm system installation
  • Exterior security cameras
  • Alley lighting
  • Installation for labor performed by a non-applicant professional

 Ineligible Expenses

  • Ongoing maintenance, monitoring, and operational costs of security improvements
  • Bars on basement or garage windows
  • Installation for labor performed by the applicant homeowner, tenant, or property owner.
  • Maintenance or replacement costs for security items already installed and deemed secure by the crime prevention specialist.

Follow this link to download ViNA’s Home Security Rebate Application

This program is made possible by the Neighborhood Revitalization Program, the City of Minneapolis’ Neighborhood and Community Relations Department, and the Minneapolis Police Department. Please contact the ViNA office with questions.