The charm of Victory’s historic homes is one of its greatest attributes. It is for this reason that the organization undertakes a number of initiatives to support the preservation of its housing stock.

Youth Corps: Youth Corps provides neighborhood seniors and residents who have a disability with free lawn care services. The services are provided by neighborhood youth who are often working in their first paid job experience. If you or someone you know would be interested in participating in YouthCorps, contact the ViNA office at 612.529.9555 or programs@victoryneighborhood.org

Home Improvement Rebates: ViNA offers 20% rebates to homeowners completing qualifying home improvements. Rebates are capped at $5,000.

Development Review: The organization reviews development proposals for City-owned lots and houses to determine which proposal will best align with the neighborhood’s character and needs. ViNA also reviews variance requests from private property owners.

Tiny Fields Project: The Tiny Fields Project provides neighbors with the supplies and assistance needed to plant small vegetable gardens (or Tiny Fields) along their boulevard or alleyway. Participants are encouraged to join a Facebook group where they share recipes, ask questions, and receive guidance.

ViNA’s housing activities are primarily overseen by its Livability Committee. The committee meets the second Tuesday of most months at 6pm at the ViNA office. New members are welcome at any time.