NRP Fund Allocations

Neighborhood Revitalization Program Fund Allocations

At its May Neighborhood Gathering, the Victory Neighborhood Association (ViNA) will vote on fund allocations for the activities the organization offers through the Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP). The board of directors and committees of ViNA propose to make the following adjustments to its NRP plan and budgets. These changes are proposed based current program budgets and on needs identified through a community input process undertaken by ViNA in 2016 and 2017.

Home Purchasing Assistance for Renters- This is a new ViNA program that would provide up to $2,500 in assistance to cover closing costs for renters transitioning into home ownership in Victory. A total of $25,000 would be allocated to this program. Funds would be moved from NRP A.1.3.1, a program that was previously managed by the Housing Resource Centers* to help residents purchase homes through the land trust model.

Welcome Program- This is a fund renewal for the welcome packets that are distributed to new Victory renters and homeowners. $1,500 in NRP funds would be used to purchase supplies and materials for future packets. The funds would also come from NRP A.1.3.1.

Communications- This is a fund renewal for ViNA’s communications activities. $10,000 in funds would be used for future design, translation, production, and distribution of ViNA’s print communications like its newspaper ads, quarterly newsletter, annual report, and other mailers. Funds would also come from NRP A.1.3.1.

Youth Corps- This is a fund renewal for a longstanding ViNA program that pays neighborhood teens to help neighborhood seniors with lawn care and snow removal. $4,637.28 in funds would come from NRP C.1.2.1 (youth activities) and $2,453.14 from A.1.3.1 for a total of $7,090.42.

Commercial Improvement Grants- This is a fund renewal for ViNA’s grant program that helps neighborhood business owners and commercial building owners remodel their properties to help attract new businesses or sustain businesses already operating in Victory. $15,000 in funds would come from ViNA’s business support program, NRP 2.1.2.

Events- This is a fund renewal to support community engagement activities like the Ice Cream Social, outdoor concerts, Garage Sale Day, and Staycation Weekend. $6,000 would come from ViNA’s frozen NRP funds.

All Victory residents, business owners and property owners over the age of 18 are invited to vote on these program allocations at ViNA’s May Neighborhood Gathering. Join us at 7PM on May 22nd at the Goddess of Glass at 4400 Osseo Road. If you have questions about NRP or ViNA’s allocations, please email or call 612.529.9558.

*The Housing Resource Centers ceased their operations at the end of 2017. ViNA and other neighborhood organizations that relied on the centers for program management have now identified new housing programs to be managed internally or have contracted with a new third party vendor. At this time, all of ViNA’s housing programs are managed by the organization itself.

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