Housing Allocations

The Victory Neighborhood Association recently learned that the Greater Metropolitan Housing Corporation (GMHC) was closing its Housing Resource Centers and discontinuing the centers’ programs. The Housing Resource Center served as the administrator for many of ViNA’s Neighborhood Revitalization Programs (NRP) including its home improvement loans and emergency deferred loans. Through a community engagement process, ViNA’s board and residents determined it would develop new or modified NRP housing programs rather than find another third party program administrator. Toward this end, ViNA’s  board and membership has approved allocating NRP funds to the following housing programs:

Home Improvement Rebates: would reimburse residents completing home improvements 20% of their total remodeling cost up to $5,000. The goal of the program is to encourage residents to stay and invest in Victory rather than move to another home in a different community. $100,000 in funds would be dedicated to this program.

Home Purchase Assistance, Renters: Would provide current renters with up to $5,000 to apply toward closing costs when purchasing a home in Victory. $25,000 in funds would be dedicated to this program.

YouthCorps- Funds would replenish YouthCorp program funding for which current funding is likely to be exhausted by the end of the calendar year. YouthCorps provides a paid job experience to neighborhood youth who assist neighborhood seniors or residents with a disability with shoveling, mowing, and raking. $10,000 in funds would be allocated to this program.

Program Coordination: Funds would be used to promote and administer housing programs, including hiring a part-time employee and establishing a marketing budget. $35,000 would be dedicated to program coordination.

The guidelines and application process for these programs will be developed in the coming months by ViNA’s staff, board, and Livability Committee. If you would like to be involved in programs development, we encourage you to join the Livability Committee. The group meets on the second Tuesday of most months at the ViNA office at 6pm.

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