Board Elections

Board Election Updates. For those community members who joined us at Wednesday’s Annual Meeting and voted, we apologize for any confusion due to the lack of clarity during the voting process. As a reminder, there were 5 total seats available for the board. Two current board members were seeking re-election and three seats were vacant. 

We are pleased to announce the two board members seeking re-election have secured their seats. Additionally Kerry Jo Felder and Diwin Daley secured 2 of the 3 remaining vacant seats. This means there is still 1 vacant seat on the board that needs to be filled immediately. If you are interested in volunteering your time to join the board, please reach out to

We would also like to thank exiting board members Diane Spector , Laura Berdine and Celissia Hanenberger for their service and dedication to Victory.

For the current list of board members, please click our About Us tab.

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