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Victory Neighborhood


Livability/Housing Committee

The Livability/Housing Committee of the Victory Neighborhood Association meets on the first Tuesday of every month at 5 pm  at Victory 44, 2201 44th Avenue N. All residents are invited to attend to discuss issues of traffic, crime and safety, housing conditions and other issues that affect the livability of the neighborhood.


Minneapolis Police Department’s Community Crime Prevention/SAFE (CCP/SAFE) Central is located at 217 South 3rd Street, Minneapolis, MN 55401, 612-673-3447.

Each precinct is also served by several CCP/SAFE crime prevention specialists. They work with individual neighborhoods to reduce the fear of crime, improve community and police cooperation and improve the quality of life in Minneapolis neighborhoods. The crime prevention specialists provide educational materials and programs, develop working relationships with the community and assist residents in reducing the opportunity for crime and in solving problems in the community.

The crime prevention specialist for Victory (and Webber-Camden, Lind-Bohanon and Shingle Creek) is Tim Hammett. Tim’s phone number is 673-2866. His e-mail address is  .


Problem Solving:

  • Pro-active Crime Prevention Activities
    They offer free home security demonstrations and personal safety workshops, free home security checks, auto theft prevention presentations, McGruff Houses, Operation Identification, crime alert bulletins and rental property owner workshops.
  • Organizing Block Clubs/ Neighborhood Watch Groups
    They actively recruit residents to organize their blocks. Volunteers (block leaders) are taught crime prevention techniques and how to maintain their block clubs and inform the police when illegal or suspicious behavior is occurring. (See Victory Neighborhood Block Club information below)
  • Neighborhood Issues Affecting More Than Two Neighbors
    This can include problems such as chronic party houses, addresses with unsupervised youth causing problems in the neighborhood or addresses that generate repeat calls for service.
  • Problems Dealing With Rental Property
    When repeated disorderly conduct by tenants or their guests (noisy parties, sale or use of weapons) is reported at a rental property, CCP/SAFE works with the neighborhood and the property owner to correct the behavior. We send a sequence of notices so that the problem can be addressed by the owner. Crime prevention specialists are available to provide information and assistance, but if the conduct continues, the ultimate result can be revocation or suspension of the rental dwelling license.
  • Problems Dealing With Owner Occupied Residences
    The SAFE Unit can use the state nuisance statute to address repeated disorderly conduct that occurs at or near a residence by owners or their guests (guns, noisy parties, prostitution, illegal liquor, drugs or gambling) if the activity is verified by the police. As with rental properties, we try to work with the owner by providing information and assistance. However, if the conduct continues, we work with the County Attorney’s office to close the property for up to one year. During that period, all occupants are evicted and the property is boarded and cannot be used for any purpose.

Problem Solving:

  • Neighbor one-on-one disputes
    When two neighbors have a one-on-one dispute (such as property line disputes or livability issues), they may contact Minneapolis Mediation or (for financial disputes) Conciliation Court.
  • Traffic Complaints
    General questions about traffic complaints may be directed to Traffic Enforcement. (call 311)
  • Animal Issues
    Animal Issues/Pet issues regardless of the time of day are handled by Animal Control (call 311)
  • Housing Inspections
    If you have complaints about garbage houses, tall grass, structure problems or a house without water or electrical service,  call 311
  • Parking Complaints
    Issues concerning abandoned autos or other parking problems on public streets or sidewalks may be addressed to Traffic Control & Parking Enforcement. Issues concerning abandoned autos or other parking problems on private property may be addressed to Housing Inspections.
  • Suspected Narcotics Activity
    If you believe that a location is the site of suspected drug activity, call your precinct Community Response Team (CRT). For the 4th precinct the phone number is 612-673-5707.
  • Boarded up properties that continue to be problematic
    Unfortunately, many persons inappropriately enter boarded properties. As a citizen, you can do the following things to address the issue.

    • If it is criminal activity you are CURRENTLY observing, call 911. Otherwise, please check to see if there are notices or placards on the property. They may give an indication as to who should be called for problems.
    • If there are no postings, then start with Housing Inspections. If it is not an Inspections property, call your crime prevention specialist. Many agencies and private individuals may be responsible for the boarding, including a local bank, the fire department, rental owner or Minneapolis Community Development Agency.
  • Graffiti
    If you have had property “tagged” with graffiti, call the 311 (612-673-3000) or make an online graffiti report.

Victory Neighborhood Block Clubs

Block Clubs are organized and Block Club Leaders are trained by CCP/SAFE. However for privacy reasons CCP/SAFE cannot reveal to us the names of the Block Club Leaders in Victory. However, over 35 residents of the Victory Neighborhood have identified themselves to ViNA as Block Club Leaders. If you want to know if there is a block club on your block you can call the ViNA office at 612-529-9558 or e-mail us at If we cannot identify a block club leader on your block you can then call CPS Hammett at 673-2866. If there is no trained leader and organized block club on your block and you are interested in being trained to organize one CPS Hammett  can help you with this.